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Bikini Size

Find your correct bikini size
If you are wearing a well-fitted bikini, you will feel secure and comfortable on the beach. And you will look great :) But what size to choose. Let us help ypu determine your correct bikini size...

US Bikini Size

Determine US Bikini Size with our US bikini size chart
Shopping for bikinis in America? Determine your US bikini size. This size is used in USA and Canada.

UK Bikini Size

UK Bikini Size Chart
Pick bikinis from England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales after having checked our UK Bikini Size Chart.

European Bikini Size

Find your perfect European bikini size with our EU Bikini Size Chart
Find your European bikini size with us. EU bikini size is used in most European countries (mainland).

Australian Bikini Size

Determine your Australian/AUS bikini size
What is your Australian bikini size? Not sure? We will help you find out! AUS size system is used in Australia and New Zealand.

French Bikini Size

Let us help you find your French bikini size

Italian Bikini Size

Italian bikini size - find your IT bikini size

Bikini Plus Size

Find your bikini plus size - US, UK, EU, AUS

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