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Alpine Ski Boots Size (Mondo), Kids

Determine Alpine Ski Boots (Mondo) Size with our Kids' Mondopoints Size Chart
For kid's alpine ski boots, the metric mondopoint sizing system is used. So if you are buying new alpine ski boots for your kids, you will need to determine their mondopoint shoe size with the mondo size conversion chart below.  Happy shopping - and happy skiing!

How to Use Kids Mondo Size Conversion Chart?

First: Find your shoe size in your preferred shoe sizing system (US, UK, EU - or convert shoe size into one of these) in the chart below. Then: See what your size will convert into in mondopoints (ski boots size). As easy as that :)

Mondo Size Conversion Chart - Kids:

Sizes marked with "C" are "Children's sizes". Sizes marked with "Y" are "Youth's sizes".
Mondo US UK EU
15 9C 8C 25
15.5 9.5C 8.5C 25.5
16 10C 9C 26
16.5 10.5C 9.5C 27
17 11C 10C 27.5
17.5 11.5C 10.5C 28
18 12C 11C 29
18.5 12.5C 11.5C 30
19 13C 12C 30.5
19.5 13.5C 12.5C 31
20 1Y 13C 32
20 1.5Y 14C 32.5
20.5 2Y 1Y 33
21 2.5Y 1.5Y 33.5
21.5 3Y 2Y 34
22 3.5Y 2.5Y 34.5
22.5 4Y 3Y 35
23 4.5Y 3.5Y 35.5
23.5 5Y 4Y 36

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Tips, tricks or questions about kids' alpine ski boots/mondopoints sizing? Share it below. Thanks!
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