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Surfboard Types/Size Charts

Determine surfboard type and surfboard size
Surfing is a fantastic sport that is quite hard to learn. But to make learing a bit easier, and to make sure to get good times in the water, it is of great importance to choose the right type of surfboard, and also the right surfboard size/length. Let us help you determine your correct surfboard type and length/size below...

Types of Surfboards

Different Surfboard Types and Shapes
Fish Style Surfboard:
Fish surfboards are designes to surf smaller waves. Fish surfboards used to be surfboards for intermediate/advanced users. But with many new designs and some bigger fish boards, they can also be used by some beginners (beginners that plan to surf quite a lot and want to have a board they can progress with).

"The classic surfboard". Perfect for high performance surfing in small to medium waves. Recommended for intermediate/advances surfers. Not a beginner's choice!

Mini Malibu/Funboard:
This surfboard is something "in between." You will kind of get the feeling of a longboard, as well as you get some of the maneuverability of a shorter board. Funboards are perfect when learing surfing for bigger kids and smaller adults.

This is the "original" surfboard, and longboards are still very popular! A longboard is quite roomy, but it will offer you great fun - for sure! Easy to get on, and perfect for beginners. Cruising a longboard is also great fun for intermediate/advanced surfers.

Surfboard Size Charts

Choose your preferred surfboard type from the descriptions above, and determine your correct surfboard size with the size charts below.

Tips, Tricks or Questions about Surfboard Types

Tips, tricks or questions about different types of surfboards? Please post it below. Thanks!

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