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Soccer Field (Football Pitch) Size

Soccer / Football Ball Size
Football (EU/Int'l) / Soccer (US) is a fantastic game with millions of players Worldwide. But are you sure about the measurements of a soccer field (football pitch) or a soccer/football goal? Not? Let us tell you...
Soccer Field / Football Pitch Measurements

Soccer Field /Football Pitch Measurements:

See illustration above or read descriptions below:
Full Size: 

A full size, official, soccer field / football pitch has the following measurements:

Touchlines (the longer sides):
100 - 130 yd (90-120 m)

Goal lines (the shorter sides)
50-100 yd (45-90 m)

International Match Field Size:

For international matches, the field dimensions are:

110 - 120 yd (100-110 m)

Goal lines:
70 - 80 yd (64-75 m)

Goal Size:

Inner edges of the posts:

8 yd (7.32 m) apart
8 ft (2.44 m) above ground

Other Markings:

For all full size soccer fields (football pitches), these markings are the same:

"The box" (also called "the 18 yard box", "the penalty box":
18 yd (16.5 m) x 44 yd (40.3 m)

The goal area (also called "the six-yard box"):
6 yd (5 m) x 20 yd (18.3)

Penalty spot:
12 yd (11 m)

Centre mark:
The centre mark is found right in the middle of the field (half touchline length x half goal line length)

Centre circle:
10 yd (9.15) in diameter. Centre mark in centre.

Corner area:
1 yd (1 m) quarter circles from the corners (x4)

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