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Ring Size Tips & Tricks

How to measure ring size, how to determine ring size? Useful tips and tricks.

Useful information about sing size:

Here are some useful advices on rings and ring size that you might never have tought of before?

Measure (or try rings) later in the day:

In the morning, your fingers are often quite "skinny". They will often "swell" more during the day, when they have been in use for a while. So make sure to meaure fingers (or try rings) after lunch - when your fingers have "woken up".

Consider the weather when buying:

We are sure you have noticed it: Your fingers shrinks when the weather is cold (and often swell when it is really hot). This can affect your measured ring size! The best thing to do is to try rings (or measure fingers) in moderate temperatures.

Have you heard about "The Tootpick Trick"?

Not? Really? Let us tell you!
Rings should fit quite tight, but they should go on and off quite easy. So a little room is good. To ensure to get enough room, jewelers often say that a perfect fitting ring should be able to twist (on demand!) with a toothpick between the ring and your skin.

Pregnancy and "the period":

During pregnancy, fingers will often swell (they can swell quite a lot actually!) Because of this, you shold never buy new rings when pregnant.

During the menstruation period, fingers may also swell a little. So if you buy a "slight to big" ring during the period, it might suddenly be "far to big". Please be aware of this when shopping for rings!

Want to Determine Ring Size?:

Please see our Ring Size Resources to determine ring size, convert between different ring sizing systems and more.

Your Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Do you have any questions, tips or tricks about rings or ring size? Let us hear them - please!
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