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Swimsuit Plus Size Chart, EU

Swimsuit plus size chart
Going swimming? Make sure that your swimsuit fits well. Determine your European swimsuit plus size below. Note: Plus Size is sometimes also referred to as Curve Size. Anyways: enjoy your time in the water!

How to Measure Plus Size Swimsuit Size

Determine swimsuit plus size based on bust, waist or hips measurements
Measure Hips: Measure around your body (circumference) at the fullest part of the hips.
Measure Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your waistline. Not sure where you waistline is? Your waistline is located just above your belly button.  Make sure to keep the measuring tape parallel with floor while measuring.
Measure Bust: Measure over the fullest part of your bust and all the way around your body.
Measure Torso: Use a flexible measuring tape. Place the measuring tape at a point in the middle of your shoulder. Let the tape continue down across the fullest part of your bust (not through the cleavage). Pass the measure tape through your legs and take the tape right up your back to the initial starting point (shoulder).

Use your measurements to determine your bikini plus size with our European Bikini Plus Size Chart below.

European Swimsuit Plus Size Chart:

All measurements in CM. EU size in paranthesis.
Note: All numbers and sized are approximate. Sizing can vary between swimwear brands and manufacturers.
Bust Waist
0/1X (44) 100-105 82.5-86 107-112 165-172
1X (46) 105-110 86-92 112-117 167-175
2X (48) 110-115 92-97 117-122 170-177
2X (50) 115-120 97-101 122-127 173-180
3X (52) 120-125 101-107 127-132 175-182
3X (54) 125-130 107-112 132-137 178-184
4X (56) 130-137 112-117 137-142 180-190
4X (58) 137-145 117-122 142-147 183-193
5X (60) 145-152 122-127 147-152 186-198

If between sizes, most women use to round up. But we recommend to round down. Who like saggy swimwear?

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Tips, tricks or questions about plus size swimsuits or plus size swimsuit sizing? Please post below. Thanks!

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