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Fish Board Size Chart

Determine fish board surfboard size
Fish style surfboards are designed to surf smaller waves. Fish surfboards used to be surfboards for intermediate/advanced users. But with many new designs and some bigger fish boards, they can also be used by some beginners (recommended for beginners that plan to surf quite a lot and want to have a board they can progress with).
Different Surfboard Types and Shapes

Fish Board Length/Width Chart

In general; the bigger a surfboard is, the more floatation and stability it offers. This is reflected in the size chart below (heavier surfers need more floatation, and beginners need more stability). Use this Fish Board Length/Size Chart to determine your correct Fish Board size...
Fish Board Size Chart

Surfer's Weight:
< 145 lbs/ 65 kg

Board Length:
6'6'' - 6'8'' (beginner)
5'8'' - 6'2'' (intermediate)
5'4'' - 5'8'' (advanced)

Surfer's Weight:
145-165 lbs/ 65-75 kg

Board Length:
6'8'' - 7'0'' (beginner)
6'0'' - 6'4'' (intermediate)
5'6'' - 5'10'' (advanced)

Surfer's Weight:
165-188 lbs/ 75-85 kg

Board Length:
7'0''-7'10'' (beginner)
6'2'' - 6'6'' (intermediate)
5'8'' - 6'0'' (advanced)

Surfer's Weight:
188-210 lbs/ 85-95 kg

Board Length:
7'4''-> (beginner)
6'4'' - 6'8'' (intermediate)
5'10'' - 6'4'' (advanced)

Surfer's Weight:
210 -> lbs/ 95 -> kg

Board Length:
7'8''-> (beginner)
6'6'' - 7'0'' (intermediate)
6'2'' - 6'10'' (advanced)

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