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European Leggings Size & Length

Determine your EU leggings size with our European Leggings Size Chart
Leggings are skin-tight fashion pants that fully or partly cover the legs. Leggings can be used fully exposed, or partially covered.

How to Measure Leggings Size?

Like for other kinds of pants, you can determine leggings size from waist and hips measurements (+ inseam measurement for length). But unlike many other pants, leggings are supposed to fit very tight. Because of this, you may also consider taking your weight (and body height) into account when determining leggings size. By doing so, you will increase the chance of finding a perfect fitting pair of leggings.

You can use both size charts (Leggings Size by Body Measurements or Leggings Size by Weight & Height) separately, but we recommend using both of them. That way it is more likely you will get a impression of which size that is you perfect leggings size.

Let's go measuring...

Determine your European Leggings Size by body measurements or weight/height

Waist: Measure your body around your natural waistline. Your waistline is usually situated just above your belly button (narrowest part of torso). Not sure where you waistline is? Stand in front of a mirror, and bend to one side. Your waistline is simply where you can see a natural indentation in torso on this side.

Leg Length (Inseam):
Measure from your crotch to your ankle (where you want your jeans leg to end). Ask a friend for help measuring! If you already own a pair of perfect fitting leggings, simply do your measurement on those. Start at the crotch seam and measure to the bottom of the pant leg.

Leggings Size Chart, EU

Leggings size chart based on waist and hips measurement. For leggings length, see bottom of page.
See also Leggings Size Chart based on height and weight below.

32 XS 58-61 81-84
34 XS 61-63 84-86
36 S 64-69 86-92
36/38 S 69-71 91-94
38 M 71-74 94-99
38/40 M 74-77 99-104
42 L 78-81 104-109
44 L 81-86 109-112
46 XL 86-91 112-115
48 XL 91-96 114-120
50 XXL 96-101 119-125
52 XXL 101-107 124-131

EU Leggings Size by Weight and Height:

Leggings size chart based on body weight and height. For leggings size chart based on waist and hips measurements, see above. See also Leggings length chart below.

XS 32 150-162 36-41
XS 34 150-162 41-54
S 36 150-162 54-68
S 36/38 165-175 43-61
M 38 165-175 61-73
M 38/40 177-185 50-64
L 42 157-165 75-86
L 44 167-185 73-82
XL 46 167-188 82-88
XL 48 172-188 88-95
XXL 50 167-188 95-104
XXL 52 167-188 104-115

Leggings Length Chart

Some leggings brands/models offer different leg length. Inseam measured in CM (see illustration on top of page on how to measure).

If length not is given,  it is most often 'Regular'.

73.5 cm Short/Petite (S,P)
80 cm Regular/Medium (R,M)
85 cm Tall/Long (T,L)

Tips, Tricks or Questions about Leggings?

Tips, tricks or questions about European leggings sizing? Please post below. Thanks!

Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. Due to this fact, we can not guarantee that our size charts always will show the right sizes.

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