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Skateboard Size Chart

Skateboard Size Chart
Skateboarding is a cool and challenging sport. By choosing a right-sized skateboard, you can give yourself the best possible possition to manage skating. Let us help you determine your correct skateboard size...
Skateboard size: width and length

Skateboard Size Chart

Skatebord deck size (length and width) depends on the skater's skills and how you plan to use it. Let us help you determine the perfect deck size for you with our Skateboard Size Chart below:
Deck Width 7.5''-8'':

Deck Length: 29'' or more.

Perfect for:
This is a "standard" skateboard, perfect for adults skating the streets and doing some tricks.

Deck Width 8''-8.25'':
Deck Length: 29'' or more

Perfect for:
8''-8.25'' deck width is perfect for adult riders skating pools, ramps and parks.

Deck Width 8.25 and up:

Deck length: 29'' or more

Perfect for:
Would you like to go cruising with your skateboard? This deck size is perfect for cruising and "old schoold skating". It is also good with verts and pools.

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Tips, Tricks or Questions about Skateboard sizing

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