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Men's US/UK Jacket & Coat Size Chart

Determine your US Jacket/Coat Size from our Jacket Size Chart
Looking for a new jacket or coat? There are a lot of models and styles to choose from. But be sure to get the right size! Not sure? Let us help you determine your jacket size in 1-2-3!

How to Measure Men's Jacket & Coat Size?

You will need to do some body measurements to determine your jacket/coat size. But no worries, it is simple, and you just need a measuring tape and your own body. We are happy to show you how to measure...

Measurements to determine your jacket/coat size

Waist: Use a flexible measuring tape and measure circumference around your natural waistline (at the narrowest/slimmest part of torso.)

Measure circumference around your chest at the fullest part, under your arms. Make sure to keep the measuring tape parallel with the floor all way around.

Men's US/UK Jacket & Coat Size Chart, Inches:

Men's Jacket and Coat Sizes with measurements in inches. Note that US sizes is presented both in Alpha Sizes (S-M-L) and Numeric Sizes (numbers from 30-52).
XXS 30 30-31 26-27
XS 32 32-33 28-29
S 34 33-34 29-30
S 36 35-37 30-31
M 38 38-39 31-32
M 40 39-40 32-33
L 42 41-43 33-34
L 44 43-44 34-36
XL 46 44-45 36-37
XL 48 45-46 38-39
XXL 50 47-48 40-42
XXL 52 48-49 42-44

Men's US/UK Jacket & Coat Size Chart, CM:

We also want to make it easy for non US/UK users to determine their Men's US jacket/coat size. Therefore we also present our Men's US Jaket & Coat Size Chart with measurements in CM...

XXS 30 76-79 66-69
XS 32 81-84 71-74
S 34 84-87 74-76
S 36 88-95 76-79
M 38 96-99 79-81
M 40 99-102 81-84
L 42 104-109 84-87
L 44 109-111 87-91
XL 46 111-114 91-94
XL 48 114-118 96-100
XXL 50 119-122 101-107
XXL 52 122-125 107-112

Jacket/Coat Length

It the size label says i.e. "size M" or "40", and nothing more, it is most likely a jacket or coat with regular length. But some men need shorter (short) or longer (long/tall) jackets. This means jackets or coats with longer (or shorter) sleeves, and sometimes longer (or shorter )jacket body. Short jackets/coats are usually labeled with S (i.e. MS or 40S), and long/tall jackets aure usually labeled with T or L (i.e. XLT, 46T, XLL or 46L).

But how to know if you need extra long (or short) length?

Based on your body height, you can usually determine what jacket length you need. Simply use our Jacket Length Chart below to find your correct jacket length:

SIZE Needed
-> 5'7'' -> 170 cm Short (S)
5'7'' - 6'0'' 170 - 183 cm Regular (R)
6'0''-> 183 -> Tall / Long (T,L)
Tall/Long size usually means that sleeve length is about 1 1/2'' (3.8 cm) longer, and jacket/coat body is also about 1 1/2'' (3.8 cm) longer than regular length. Short size means about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter sleeve length and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter jacket/coat body length.

Tips, Tricks or Questions about Men's US/UK Jacket & Coat Size?

Tips, tricks or questions about men's US/UK jacket/coat sizing? Please post below. Thanks!

Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

Sizes may vary with brands, models and manufacturers. Due to this fact, we can not guarantee that our size charts always will show the right sizes.

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