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Kids' Alpine Ski Pole Length

Determine Kids' Alpine Pole Length
Kids love downhill/alpine skiing! And they often manage it from young age because of the modern (and easy-to-handle) alpine skiing equipment.

Many ski instructors mean that skiing without poles is the best way to learn skiing for kids. But when they have learned it well, you might introduce poles! Use our Kids' Alpine Ski Pole Length Chart below to determine the correct pole length...

How to Determine Classic Ski Length?

By Height Measurement:
Body height is used to determine kids' correct alpine ski pole length. Place your kid with his/her back against a wall and his/her feet together, looking staight forward. Place a book or a ruler on the top of the head and push it against the wall (make sure it is hoizontal). Measure distance from the floor and up to the book/ruler, etc. Determine your kid's alpine ski pole length from our pole length chart below.

Kids' Alpine Ski Pole Length Chart

This ski pole length chart is unisex.
105 3'5'' 70
110 3'7'' 70-75
115 3'9'' 75
120 3'11'' 80
125 4'1'' 80-85
130 4'3'' 85
135 4'5'' 90
140 4'7'' 95
145 4'9'' 95-100
150 4'11'' 105

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Tips, Tricks or Questions about Ski Length?

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