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Longboard Size/Length Chart

Longboard Deck Length Chart
Longboarding is a cool sport that is growing in popularity. It is easier than 'ordinary' skateboarding - but it will definitely get your adrenaline pumping! Make sure to choose the right Longboard size/length. Let us help you determine your longboard size..
Determine Longboard Deck Size

Longboard Length Chart

Skatebord deck size (length) depends on the rider's skills and how you plan to use your longboard. Let us help you determine the perfect longboard deck length for you with our Longboard Length Chart. Note: Don't worry about the board width, it is proportional to the length. The maufacturers know what they are doing :)
Cruiser Longboards:

Cruiser longboards are used for transportation from point A to point B. A cruiser longboard is a perfect longboard for beginners. But there are different cruiser longboards:

Shorter Cruiser Longboards:
Deck size: 28'' - 32''

These cruiser longboards are perfect for young riders and short people.

Mid-Size Cruiser Longboards:
Deck size: 32'' - 42''

With a wide length/size range, these longboards fit almost everyone. Perfect for beginners. Shorter beginners should choose a shorter board, longer beginners should choose a longer board.

Longer Cruiser Longboards:
Deck size: 42'' - 46''

These longboards are perfect for longer, relaxed rides. Beginners can handle these boards too. Note: longer cruiser longboards can be quite heavy to carry.

Freeride Longboards:
Freeride longboard riding is for advanced or intermediate riders! It is all about doing technical maneuvers while riding down hills.

Deck size: 38'' - 42''

Downhill Longboards:

Downhill longboarding is only suitable for advanced longboard riders. It is about riding down hills in very high speed.

Deck size: 37'' - 43''
(40''-41'' is most usual)

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