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Skirt Length

Determine proper skirt length

What is Correct Shirt Length?

Different shirts lengths can give you different styles. So what style do you want? And which styles (and skirt lengths) are proper for different occasions?

In the Skirt Length Chart below, you will find information about different skirt lengths/skirt styles, and which occasions the different skirt lengths are suitable for. Note: how a skirt fits, will vary with your body height. Our Skirt Length Illustration/Chart is based on average US body height (about 5' 5" (165 cm))

Skirt Length Illustration

Popular skirt lengths illustrated on a 5'5" (165 cm) model. Numbers in inches.

See different skirt lengths

Skirt Length Chart:

Skirt length is measured from waist line (top of skirt lining) to where skirt ends (skirt hemline). Note: these sizes are just guidelines.
. .
- 17 Micro Be careful! Beach, summer
19 Mini Nightclub, "Out on town"
21 Above knee Café, shopping, casual party, cocktail
23 Knee long Semi-formal parties, casual
25 Knee/just below Work/office, party, smart casual
26-30 Midi/mid calf Proper in most occasions
31-35 Maxi/long Formal, funeral

Questions, Tips or Tricks about Tie Length?

What is your opinion on skirt length? Do you have tips or tricks on skirt length? Or maybe a question? Let us know... Thanks!
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