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How to Measure Shoe Size?

Learn how to measure shoe size at home
Wearing correct sized shoes is of great importance! Bad fitting shoes can actually damage your feet. Or even worse: damage your kids' feet. That is why it is so important to always try shoes on before buying. But what about online shopping?

When shopping for shoes online, make sure that the online store/seller has a fair return policy. And do not hesitate on returning the shoes if they do not fit perfectly.

And before shopping for shoes Online, we always recommend that you measure your feet. Let us show you how:

How to Measure Shoe Size in 1-2-3

How to Measure Shoe Size / Foot Size
Step one: Sit on a chair, and place your feet on a blank paper sheet (one by one)

Step two Draw the outline of your foot all the way around it. That way you will make a "footprint" on the paper.

Step three Use your drawing to measure your foot size: Measure with a ruler or measure tape from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe. That way you will find your foot length measurement. At the same time, also measure the foot width (measurement between the widest points of the foot).

Determine your shoe size: Measure booth feet, and use the largest number to determine your shoe size using our Shoe Size Charts. See Women's Shoe Size Chart, Men's Shoe Size Chart, Baby Shoe Size Chart, Children Shoe Size Chart, Youth Shoe Size Chart. See also our Shoe Width Charts: Women's Shoe Width, Men's Shoe Width, Kids' Shoe Width

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Do you have tips, tricks or questions on measuring feet size? Post a comment below. Thanks!

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