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Youth US Clothing Size, Boys

Girls' Junior/Youth Clothing Size
There is a lot of cool youth clothing. But remember; it is very important that it fits well!

Use the Youth/Junior US Size Charts in this page to determine correct US Youth Boy Size. Youth boy size is used from approx. 7/8 years age and up to around 16. Then the men's size system is next.

How to Measure Boys' Youth Size

Determine boys' youth US clothing size by body measurements
To determine US Youth Clothing Size, you will need to take three simple body measurements:

1. Height: Body height measured when standing upright against a wall.
2. Waist Measurement: Circumference around girl's waistline (narrowest part of torso).
3. Chest: Measure circumference aroundt fullest part of chest (under arms).

US Size Chart, Inches:

Boys' General US Youth Size by body measurements. All measurements in inches.
Waist Chest
8 48-51 24 27
10 52-56 25 28.5
12 57-60
26 30
14 61-63 27 32
16 63-65 28 33.5
18 65-66
29 35
18 67-68
30 37

US Size Chart, CM:

We also want to make it easy for our non-US users to determine their US Boy Youth Size. So we also present our youth size chart with measurements in cm. You're welcome....
Waist Chest
8 122-129 61 68
10 130-142 63 72
12 143-152
66 76
14 153-160 69 81
16 161-165 71 85
18 166-169
74 89
18 170-173
76 94

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Have you got tips, tricks or question about boys' youth clothing/boys' youth clothing sizes? Please leave a comment below. Thanks :)

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