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EUR Toddler Clothing Size (2-5 yrs)

Determine EUR/UK/International toddler clothing size from our size chart
Children between 2 and 5 years old (so called toddlers) grow fast. But be aware that both too small and oversized clothes can be uncomfortable wearing. Kids are active, and they need well-fitting clothes to feel well. But what size to choose? Let us help you determine your toddler's clothing size...

Child Size vs. Toddler Size

Toddler clothing size (2 to 5 yrs) and Children (little boys/little girls) clothing size (4-7 yrs) often overlap. So, what is the difference between toddler and children clothing size? This depends on brand/manufacturer. But usual differences include:

-Some child sizes are narrower and longer
-Some toddler sizes are roomier (beacause of diapers)
-Some children and toddler sizes are the same, but the garments have different cuts/styles

Keep this in mind when shopping for a 4 or 5 years old child, that actually often can use both sizing systems.

How to Measure Toddler Size

Determine toddler's size from height, chest and waist measurements
To determine EUR (European/UK/Int'l) Toddler Clothing Size, you will need to take three simple body measurements:

1. Height: Body height measured when standing upright against a wall.
2. Chest: Measurement: Measure circumference around chest at widest point (under arms).
3. Waist: Measurement: Circumference around toddler's waistline (just above the navel/belly button)

Use your body measurements to determine Toddler Clothing Size from the US Toddler Clothing Size Chart below. These measurements are more to likely to help you find the correct size than the kid's age.

EUR Toddler Size Chart, CM:

Boys/girls. All measurements in CM.
Waist Age
92 85-92 49.5-52 1.5-2
98 93-99 51-53.5 2-3
104 99-105
52-54.5 3-4
110 105-112 53.5-56 4-5
116 112-117 54.5-57 5-6

EUR Toddler Size Chart, Inches:

Boys/girls. All measurements in inches.
Waist Age
92 33-36 19.5-20-5 1.5-2
98 36-39 20-21 2-3
104 39-42
20.5-21.5 3-4
110 42-45 21-22 4-5
116 45-48 21.5-22.5 5-6

EUR Toddler Size by Weight/Height, KG/CM

We recommend to use height/chest and waist measurements to determine toddler clothing size. But if you not are able to use these measurements, you can also determine appox. size by using body weight and height. Use the Toddler Clothing Size by Weight/Height Size Chart below:
92 14-15 85-92
98 15-16 93-99
104 16-18 99-105
110 18-21 105-112
116 21-24 112-117

EUR Toddler Size by Weight/Height, Pounds/Inches

92 30-33 33-36
98 33-36 36-39
104 36-40 39-42
110 40-46 42-45
116 46-52 45-48

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

Have you got tips, tricks or question about toddler clothing/toddler clothing sizes? Please leave a comment below. Thanks :)

Note: All our size charts are guidelines.

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