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Petite Clothing Size

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"Petite clothing" is an often misunderstood concept. Petite clothing size is all about height, and not weight (as many people think it is).

Petite clothing is simply clothing proportioned for women 5'4'' (162 cm) and under. Petite clothing has reduced i.e. sleeve and torso length compared to regular sized clothing. Because of this, petite clothing will fit smaller frames better than regular sized clothing. How much petite clothing is reduced in size can vary slightly between brands and models. But you will find a general "petite size vs. regular size" overview below.

Petite Size vs. Regular size

How much are petite sizes shortened/reduced compared to regular sizes?

Petite short dress
Shortened by approx. 1.2'' (3 cm)
Petite long dress
Shortened by approx. 2'' (5 cm)
Petite full sleeve (sleeve)
Sleeve length shortened by approx. 0.8'' (2 cm)
Petite half/short sleeve (sleeve)
Sleeve length shortened by approx. 0.2'' (0.5 cm)
Petite short coat/top (torso length)
Torso length shortened by approx. 1.2'' (3 cm)
Petite long coat (torso length)
Torso length (garnment length) shortened by approx. 2'' (5 cm)
Petite short skirt
Skirt length shortened by approx. 0.8'' (2 cm)
Petite long skirt
Skirt length shortened by approx. 1.2'' (3 cm)
Petite trouser rise
Trouser rise approx. 0.4'' (1 cm) lower.
Petite trouser/jeans inseam
Inseam length shortened by approx. 1''-1.4'' (2.5-3.5 cm)

This means petite trousers/jeans usually have a inseam of 29''-30'' (74-76 cm). These numbers may vary with jeans models and brands.

Petite Clothing Size Chart

The petite clothing size system uses own size charts. For reliable general petite clothing size charts, see below. Please choose your preferred petite clothing size system/region:

US Petite Size Chart

UK Petite Size Chart

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