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Men's Tops Size Chart, Japanese

Tops Size Chart - Determine Men's Japanese Top Size
Hello Mister. Want to determine your Japanese top size? With our size charts you can. Your top size can be used with sweaters, sweatshirt, hoodies, cardigans, polo shirts, rugby shirts, training tops and more. Let's go measuring...

How to Measure Men's Top Size?

You will need to measure your chest and waist circumference to determine your Japanese top size. But do't worry - we will show you how to do it...

Measure your japanese top size

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline (circumference). Your waistline is located just above your belly button (narrowest/slimmest part of torso).

Measure circumference around your chest at the fullest part, under your arms. Make sure to keep the measuring tape parallel with the floor all way around.

Use your measurements to determine your top size from our Men's Tops Size Charts below:

Men's Japanese Tops Size Chart, CM:

Men's Japanese Tops Sizes with measurements in CM.
XXXS XXS 76-79 66-69
XXS XS 81-84 71-74
XS S 84-87 74-76
S S 88-95 76-79
M M 96-99 79-81
L M 99-102 81-84
L L 104-107 84-87
LL L 107-110 87-91
LLL XL 111-114 91-94
4L XL 114-118 96-100
5L XXL 119-122 101-107

Men's Japanese tops Size Chart, Inches:

Men's Japanese top sizes are most often given with measurements in CM. But we also want to make it easy for US/UK users to determine their Men's Japanese Tops size in a simple way. Therefor we also present our Men's Japanese Tops Size Chart with measurements in Inches...
XXXS XXS 30-31 26-27
XSS XS 32-33 28-29
XS S 33-34 29-30
S S 35-37 30-31
M M 38-39 31-32
L M 39-40 32-33
L L 41-42 33-34
LL L 42-43 34-36
3L XL 44-45 36-37
4L XL 45-46 38-39
5L XXL 47-48 40-42

Tips, Tricks or Questions about Men's Japanese Top Size?

Tips, tricks or questions about men's Japanese top sizing? Please post below. Thanks!

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